Food for thought


I have been researching and it seems that to buy into a CSA share is one of the cheapest ways to do grocery shopping. On average I have been finding that the CSA farms are about $8-$12 a week in grocery cost to feed a family of 4 well.  I am hoping that this is something I can work into my life this summer. I have been looking over the CSA farms and markets in the area and I wanted to share the list.  

There is the Working hands farm that has a blog here on WordPress.  Here is another good site for finding farms, Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition.   Then there is Sauvie Islands Organics but I have to tell you I am a science nut as you know and it sometimes bothers me when the word organic is used.  The reason for the bother is that organic has a distinct definition in science and it is separate from the cultural use of the word organic. To help things along the USDA has gotten involved for some certifications that as all things seem controversial but nonetheless it helps solve some general choices for consumers.

Okay that wasn’t a list but more of a tangential paragraph with links by hey it’s my blog and you love me.   Anyway I am also looking into a local farm that has a market near my work Dinihanian’s Farm Market.  Something I found last year in my search for a CSA and other ways to improve my diet is that if you visit a local farmers market you will find folks that have some great offers.  Below are my local markets that I like to attend when I have a chance.

Beaverton Farmer’s Market

Hillsboro Farmer’s Market

Portland Farmer’s Market






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