Buttons & Bows


I miss my cats Buttons and Bows.



They were some of the best companions a person could ever ask for.  When I adopted them I was sick for the first time with cancer and I was only going to be adopting one cat I couldn’t bring myself to separate these two.  I have lost the photos I have of Bows but he had very similar colors as Buttons above but a darker grey.  

They were elderly cats when I adopted them and had never been separated they also had never been indoor/outdoor kitties.  I was living out in the country at the time so they learning to be roam about and hunt for the first time.  As cats are want to do they brought me their catches to show off sometimes alive, sometimes not always with enthusiasm.  

Buttons became my little cave kitty exploring every dark space she could find and always finding a cave under the covers to sleep next to me.  Bows just loved to be close to home and socialize on and he loved to sleep on my head.  My kittens loved me and I loved them after my treatments that reduced me to a walking zombie for a while we would go on walks together.  I would walk along the driveway and out to the road with the kitties never more than 20 ft. from me as I hobbled along.  They kept me company through the worst of my treatments and the stuck with me as I got better.  The departure of Buttons has hard because the coyote’s took her but Bows died 4 mo. later of what I can only describe as a broken heart.  I had to leave him with my ex for a short time after Buttons died and one morning he was found dead with no wounds or apparent illness.  I believe I came home each day and cried for my departed friends.  

I don’t have the funds to pay for the pet deposit in my current place but I really feel like I need companions like Buttons and Bows again.  I am not sure why I am sharing this story of them but I guess I just miss them harder today because it was about this time when Bows left me 4 years ago.  

Please love your animals because they love you.



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