Laughing via Science


We know Science if awesome and it allows us to better understand laughter.  I always feel good after laughing and here is a strange thing about me, I suppress laughter.  It is true I have it tested a few times and while many people have trigger points making them angry or sad I have laughter trigger points.

Yes I am strange but it kinda makes me a sad person who does not allow fun in or out for that matter.  But regardless I think everyone should watch Dead Poet Society because it has the quote “We are not laughing at you we are laughing near you.” by Professor Keating.


Please let it be known that I love rainbow treats because they look like a laughter that is edible.


1.  Vanilla Bean Baker – Baby’s First Christmas

2.  Not Your Momma’s Cookie – Rainbow Swaddled Baby Cookies

3.  Crazy for Crust – Rainbow Peanut Butter Cookie Cups

4.  Dollhouse Bake Shoppe – Rainbow Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

5.  Creative Food – Rainbow Pancakes

6.  Hoosier Homemade – Rainbow Jar Cupcakes

7.  Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons – Rainbow Smores Pops

8.  Pink Little Cake – Baby at the End of the Rainbow Cake

9.  Love From the Oven – Rainbow Cake Pop Cupcakes

10. Munchkin Munchies – Rainbow Balloon Cookies

11. The Baked Equation – Rainbow Baby Shower Cookies

12. Sweetology – Marshmallow Baby Pops

13. Sugar Swings – Rainbow Madeleines

14. Pint Sized Baker – Rainbow Meringue Tarts

15. Bird on a Cake – Rainbow Petal Cake

16. Haniela’s – Rainbow Centerpiece

17. Miss Candiquik – Marshmallow Baby Bottles


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