That just looks lovely…looks like I need to make a tart now.

Girl Genius Adventures


Urg! Things around here have been both tedious and very, very busy, which is why I have been neglecting these posts as of late. I would like to say it’s been because I was doing something cool, like playing the new SimCity, but everyone would know that was a lie, for rather obvious reasons. Well I’m going to get back to it, so here we go.

The amazing thing about the internet is that it allows you to reach micro–demographics. Usually this factoid is used to explain why people who are erotically excited by razzberry–flavored cream cheese no longer die alone, but now have their own annual convention (it’s in Wisconsin, of course), and are able to recruit enough warriors to do some serious damage to those onion–chive heretics who continue to pollute our precious baked goods.

…Sorry, mixing my fandoms again. Where was I? Oh yes. So this post…

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