Conflict resolution..


I am a fan of dressing up and having a good time for most things but I have to be honest I look at the history of a celebration. The up coming St. Patrick’s day celebration history is not something I would actually celebrate.  Now there is always new histories coming to light but I don’t like a group of people being kicked out in the favor of a new religion.  Kicking out snakes when you are really talking about native tribes of people that won’t adopt your religion is not cool. When the old Celtic tribes were forced to change or die by the Catholic church it was cruel and caused a great pain in the land.

Changing your heart and mind about something take a life time and by that I mean when they change it is like being reborn.  Being reborn and seeing the world again with wonder and amazement is a blessing.  The idea of changing someone at knife or gun point is usually something that ends badly because it will harden you against change.  It will strengthen your views and the other person’s views so that it will be harder to reach compromise.  I am not against defending yourself or owning weapons but what I often see individuals who use weapons in conflicts are resistant to change.  




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