Bees against HIV


Bees against HIV

Okay so I learned of the baby that was cured of HIV this past week and did some research and found a great article that I want to share about it.

Hooray for Bees coming to the rescue!

I am a huge fan of bees for a variety of reasons but mostly for their cute and cuddly nature.. yup I just said cute and cuddly about a bee. Here is the deal I learned as a child to gently cup my hands around a flower with a bee and hold it in my hands. I have never stung while catching bees with my hands and it is cute how the buzz and tickles a bit as they crawl on my hands. This being said I have been stung and it hurts but I still think bees are fun and cute.
But really this link is about the bees helping in the fight against HIV so please read it.


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