Butterfly Doctor


I checked in with my Endocrinologist yesterday so they could steal my blood and let them know of any changes.  In a few months I will need to do that test where I have to be on a low Iodine diet again but this time without the radiation. That means I will be baking bread again cooking like a crazy person.  I think with my experience last time taught me some extremely important things and one being I think I will maybe just work part time that week.  It took so much out of me to cook everyday from scratch that I really would like more time to focus on me.  

Speaking of focusing on me I have decided that I am going to start getting a massage each month so I can better take care of my health.  Last month for a Valentin I got a massage and that was really good for me.  I know from my years a massage therapist that it should be included as part of a wellness plan.  The place I will be going to is Massage Envy and it is close to my work and that will make this work into my life easily.   

I am up early today and that is usually a good sign that the day will go well.  Anyway I need to go but good luck everyone.


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