Walking around


I’ve had a few days to digest the Valentine Run Portland event there are a few thing I know better now than I did before.  

The time I reported here was actually incorrect because I had took a photo of the counter as past it reading 1:26:17.  The actual time for me was 1:19:43 and I will say that I was happy before and I am just astonished now.  When I started really training for the 5K it took me 45 mins to walk an hour and that was 2 months ago.   I was not expecting to do so well and I felt that even as I was walking it with all of my huffing and puffing and taking breaks.  

I walked again today for a mile and yes my knees hurt but I need to continue training for the next 5K in March the Shamrock Stride.  Now for a bit of a shocker for me but apparently I have increased my stride length because when I started training it took me aprox 3000 steps to make a mile.  That 3000 steps would mean that I would need to walk 9000 to walk 3 miles or a 5K but on the day of the event I finished with only taking 7890 steps to get to the end.  So I have without knowing it I trained myself into being a stronger walker.  

I have greatly enjoyed the great support I have and it has been an amazing journey and the best part is that it is not done.


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