Mr Swimmy Sushi


Okay I got this wonderful fish the day after my sister had visited me and we had sushi so that is why his last name is Sushi.  Anyway he was so silly from the first week when he decided that he really enjoyed dancing around and watching me at work.  I told everyone that he was not a pet but an emergency food supply as a joke and in honor of one of silliest anime ever.  Anyway I soon learned that I would be filled with radiation for my Thyroid cancer treatment and I would not be allowed at work for fear of the zombie Apocalypse starting.  Seriously my friends were joking that I would be patient zero.  The truth of it is that the radiation treatment was good for me but if I posed a bit of danger to everyone else for about 2 weeks so I had to stay home from work and be isolated…. it was really lame.  And I would miss my fishy at work but apparently he would miss me just as much.  A friend at work took care of him and apparently he became very lethargic and there were many in the office that thought he had died (there were actually making a mental note of his coloring so they could replace him if he croaked.)  When I first came back to work I was worried too because I saw how slowly he was moving around but then as I was working at my desk he perked up and started dancing around.  I put my fingers up to his tank and he snuggled up to the side and I even dipped my fingers into his tank and he rubbed up against my hand.  He was just so affectionate and that is just so strange for a fish.  Anyway I wanted to share this video clip I made of him to share what he looked like with everyone.

Good luck.

Okay the video did not post due to my phone being fail right now but I will be up loading the video to YouTube very soon and you can find it there.

Ha ha success! check him out 


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