Bingle bongle Sunday


This new schedule of waking up and doing stuff has really kicked in because I was up at 6am this morning.  I puttered around I walked and then I felt ill so I curled up into my bed and slept till 1pm crazy eh?

Anyway I spoke with my sister yesterday and my mother today and it was good fun.  It is really nice to hear from them on my strange departures from reality called weekends because it keeps me guessing about what will happen next as weekends should do.  Weekends are the end to everything normal and get to change everything from hour to hour for me and that is fun but exhausting and it is why on Mondays some people like myself are happy because then we can relax into normality.

Oh am very happy to report I have pickled some beets and carrots this weekend and I will be using them to make a salad for myself on my lunches this coming week.  I did not pick up a omelet pan like I was thinking I might but instead I purchased a bento box for myself so I can pop it into my bag for lunches.  I think I need to post to pics about that so those will be coming in short order.  Oh oh I have to share I cut up my real honest attempt at a Julian cut on carrots and it turned out okay.  My knife skills need some more work but I am happy with the results.  For my salad I am just doing carrots, beets, sesame oil and seeds, then some shiitaki mushrooms and maybe some egg.  I am really enjoying making sushi and bento meals for myself because I will actually eat my lunches.  So hoorah for making lunches and new years resolutions.

Thanks for reading my blog and good luck.


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